The companion-based program designed to ease transition,
increase velocity, and strengthen community culture.

Addressing the issues of drawn-out decision making and internal culture, RedCarpet works with new and current residents to help them create connections, make new friends, feel more comfortable and, when moving, actually look forward to the move! 

RedCarpet starts with the proven approach pioneered by in-home companionship services, and then adds a full complement of socialization and adjustment tools to help older adults feel good about their decision to move.


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Developed for senior living communities that value a ‘whole person’ culture, RedCarpet Transition Services helps differentiate you as it speeds velocity.



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RedCarpet Transition Services eases the transition to independent living, assisted living, and skilled care or memory care, by providing a personal Companion who helps write the stories of your life, connect you with new friends, and give you something special to look forward to in your new home.

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